Faculty Recognition September 2017

  • Bayrammurad Saparov (Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry) received the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities. Read More

Student Recognition September 2017

  • Emily Junkins (Ph.D. student, Microbiology) and Johnnie Gilpen were two of the 2017 winners of the Pat Tillman Foundation award. Read More

OU Team Details Foreshock Activities Leading Up to Pawnee Earthquake

A University of Oklahoma geophysics professor, Xiaowei Chen, details the foreshock activities leading up to the Pawnee earthquake, and highlights the complicated relationship between seismicity and wastewater injection rates in a research study published this week in Scientific Reports. Read More

OU Astrophysicist Predicts Detached, Eclipsing White Dwarfs to Merge Into an “Exotic Star”

A University of Oklahoma astrophysicist, Mukremin Kilic, and his team have discovered two detached, eclipsing double white dwarf binaries with orbital periods of 40 and 46 minutes, respectively. White dwarfs are the remnants of Sun-like stars, many of which are found in pairs, or binaries. Read More

OU Provides NSF Undergraduate Research Experience in Structural Biology for University Students Nationwide

The National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Program in Structural Biology at the University of Oklahoma provides a research experience for students who do not have a program available to them at their institutions. Read More

OU SMART-Radar Team Deploys to Hurricane Irma with NSSL, Multi-university, Multi-agency and Private Sector Researchers

The University of Oklahoma Shared Mobile Atmospheric and Teaching radar team, led by Michael Biggerstaff, OU School of Meteorology, will deploy to the east coast today with the hurricane-tested SR2 C-band dual-polarimetric SMART radar and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Severe Storm Laboratory mobile mesonet. Read More

OU Biologist Receives $1.2 Million National Science Foundation Grant in Support of Ecological Research at Continental Scales

A University of Oklahoma biology professor, Michael E. Kaspari, has been awarded a $1.2 million National Science Foundation grant to study MacroSystems ecology—exploring how Earth’s temperature, precipitation and biogeochemistry govern the abundance, diversity and activity of ecological communities. Read More

Walden Elected Fellow of the American Society for Engineering Education

A University of Oklahoma research associate professor and director, Susan E. Walden, has been elected to the Academy of Fellows for the American Society for Engineering Education. Walden, the first ASEE awardee from OU, has made significant individual contributions to her body of work related to diversity and inclusion in engineering education within the P-16 initiative. Read More

Citizen Science Soil Collection Program in the News

OUHSC Research News

The OUHSC Office of the Vice President for Research has begun to publish a quarterly research newsletter. The purpose of this e-newsletter is to provide information concerning the important and exciting research and scholarly work being conducted by our OUHSC faculty, students, and staff.

Read the 2017 Fall Research News here.

Think Big & Lead the Way

The Office of the Vice President for Research is pleased to announce a new brochure that describes all of its services, which are designed to assist faculty across all disciplines in achieving success in their research and creative activity.

Download it here.

Norman Campus Research Highlights 2017

The Office of the Vice President for Research has compiled a brief list major grants, contracts, and prestigious national fellowships as well as impressive numbers relating to the research enterpise here at the University of Oklahoma.

Download it here.

Research News