Center for Semiconductor Physics in Nanostructures

Abbreviation: C-SPIN
Director: Ryan Doezema

The Center for Semiconductor Physics in Nanostructures is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the University of Arkansas and the University of Oklahoma. The quest to improve computing power, data storage, and communication speed demands new approaches to device fabrication and new materials systems. Our mission is to develop ways to create and probe structures on the nanometer scale, study their individual and collective dynamics, and explore their use in next generation electronic, optical and chemical systems.

The Universities of Oklahoma (OU) and Arkansas (UA) both perform cutting edge research in semiconductor nanostructures, with a total of seven NSF young investigator awards among Center investigators. Both have world-class epitaxial growth facilities in III-IV and IV-VI semiconductor systems with in situ scanning probe microscopes, and both have proven expertise in growing and characterizing traditional and novel material systems. Arkansas has pursued self-assembled structures, magnetic overlayers, and has a strong electro-optics effort. Oklahoma has looked to nano-patterning structures, magneto-sensitive materials, and has a tradition of low-temperature transport studies. Our partnership is rooted in a common interest in nanoscience and in a need for a greater collaborative circle, or critical mass, to address the material issues important to our research. This partnership is of a scope and complexity that would not be feasible under traditional funding of individual research projects.

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