Institute for Environmental Genomics

Abbreviation: IEG
Director: Dr. Jizhong Zhou

The mission of IEG is to advance scientific research and education in environmental genomics and to stimulate bio-economic development in the State of Oklahoma and the United States. Four research themes are pursued at IEG: (i) functional and comparative genomics for understanding of gene functions, regulations, evolution and networks, (ii) microbial ecology and community genomics for analysis of diversity, composition, structure, and function of microbial communities related to bioenergy, bioremediation, global changes and agricultural practices using functional gene arrays (e.g., GeoChip) and other metagenomics approaches (e.g., high throughput sequencing), (iii) development of biotechnology and bioinformatics tools for integrative understanding and modeling of microbial community networks, and (iv) systems biology.

IEG has developed a unique metagenomic tool, GeoChip, to study the functional diversity, composition, structure, and functions of microbial communities from a variety of habitats (e.g., water systems, air, soil, extreme environments, contaminated sites, reactors, human microbiomes). This technology won an R&D 100 Award in 2009, and IEG was awarded the Innovator of the Year award by The Journal Record for the GeoChip technology in 2010.

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Telephone: (405) 325-6094

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