Norman Campus Vice President for Research Faculty Travel Assistance Program

Please note: This page was last revised 02 December, 2013.


The Faculty Travel Assistance Program (FTAP), operated by the Norman Campus Office of the Vice President for Research, provides regular faculty (as defined in the Faculty Handbook Section 3.1.1) with funds to help defray the cost of domestic and international travel for professional meetings (e.g., to present a paper, organize and/or chair a session) or to support the development of new or expanded research programs (e.g., by visiting with potential collaborators, agency or other funding organization officials, or to conduct research). The VPR Office operates FTAP by providing funding directly to colleges. In this manner, colleges develop their own travel funding distribution process, thereby ensuring that the funds are used as effectively as possible based upon each college’s priorities and faculty needs.

Procedures for Applying

To request FTAP funds, faculty should contact their college administration to determine the specific submission requirements and the distribution process.

If you have any questions or need additional information concerning the program changes, please contact Cindy Clark at

FTAP Funding Summary

Please click on the appropriate link below for that year's FTAP funding summary (Excel format).

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