Research Council

Charge and Purpose - The Research Council is charged with the promotion and development of research and creative activity throughout the University community. The Council....Read More

Council Membership - The Research Council (Norman) shall consist of 15 Faculty Members of which the Faculty Senate appoints 10 and the....Read More

Appointments - Appointments to the Council should provide a balanced representation across the University by including members in each of the following....Read More

History - The Research Council was approved as a council by the President of the University upon recommendation of the Faculty Senate and the University of Oklahoma Student....Read More

Statement Acknowledging Research Council Support - All written publications, whether in hard copy or electronic form, that have benefitted from....Read More

Conflict of Interest Policies and Procedures - The University of Oklahoma is a public institution committed to the mission of teaching; research and creative/scholarly activity; professional and University....Read More

Confidentality Statement - The form signed by Norman Campus Research Council members pledging to maintain the confidentiality of information contained in &/or related to Research Council applications. Read the entire statement here.

Past Research Council Chairs - A list of previous Research Chairs can be viewed here.

Research Council Funding Opportunities 

Funded Research Council Proposals 

Research Council Membership Listing

Annual Research Council Report - FY2018

Annual Research Council Report - FY2017

Annual Research Council Report - FY2016

Annual Research Council Report - FY2015

Annual Research Council Report - FY2014

Annual Research Council Report - FY2013

Annual Research Council Report - FY2012

Annual Research Council Report - FY2011

Additional internal funding programs are offered by the Norman Campus Office of the Vice president for Research, Click HERE for more information.