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Norman Campus and Norman Campus Programs at OU-Tulsa

A new era for research and creative activity began at the Norman campus in 2010 with the initiation of Aspire 2020 (http://aspire2020.ou.edu), a bold planning activity leading to a 10-year strategic roadmap for research and scholarly endeavors. This initiative led to the creation of the Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment, which assists faculty in developing their research programs long term, as well as facilitating grant proposals, collaborative teams, and engagements with other research partners. Other examples of resulting actions include OU’s Strategic Initiative in Defense, Security and Intelligence Research that has led to expenditures from the U.S. Department of Defense increasing by more than 150% over the past four years. Major new research centers have recently been established on the Norman campus, including the US Department of the Interior South-Central Climate Science Center, the Center for Energy Security and Society (jointly with Sandia National Laboratory), and the Southern Plains Transportation Center funded by the US Department of Transportation.

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Grant funding, of course, is but one measure of faculty achievement in research and creative activity. OU faculty members are leading and participating in all aspects of the research enterprise, including receiving prestigious national and international awards and fellowships, publishing in acclaimed journals and books, serving as editors, and presenting or performing their scholarship in venues throughout the world.

Norman’s University Research Campus, where more than 700 private sector employees are housed among more than a dozen companies, has built a million square feet of now occupied space in the past decade. Among the latest advancements are the new Radar Innovations Laboratory, which opened in March 2014, the fifth Partners Place building, opening in January, 2015, and plans for a Water Innovations Research Laboratory, an Innovation Hub, and a National Institute for Risk Decision Making and Resiliency. Two national awards, including the Outstanding Research Park Award from the Association of University Research Parks, have recently recognized the success of Norman’s University Research Campus.

Sponsored Research Highlights

  • In FY 2015 Norman Campus researchers submitted 828 proposals for requests totaling $356,233,112. The count is the highest number of proposals submitted since FY 2011.
  • Norman Campus researchers won $101,668,882 in new awards for FY 2015. This represents an 8% increase over FY 2014 and the highest total award dollars to date in a fiscal year that did not include ARRA funding.

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Health Sciences Center (HSC) Campus

The Health Sciences Center (HSC) is one of only four comprehensive academic health centers in the nation with six professional colleges and the graduate college—Allied Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Graduate College—providing an opportunity for interdisciplinary research across all aspects of health care. It is a member of the Oklahoma Health Center, a 300-acre complex that represents a $3 billion capital investment and has an annual economic impact of $1.7 billion on the local community. In fiscal year 2014, research expenditures at HSC exceeded $135 million, with funding from the National Institutes of Health, considered to be the gold standard for biomedical research, of nearly $70 million. 

HSC has strengths in a number of areas of biomedical research including cancer, diabetes, vision/neuroscience, aging/geriatrics, and immunology/infectious disease. With the goal of becoming a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center the Stephenson Cancer Center (SCC) is the largest public-private biosciences initiative in state history. Annually ranking among the top five cancer centers in the nation for patients participating in National Cancer Institute-sponsored clinical trials, the SCC is one of only 30 designated Lead Academic Sites in the NCI’s National Clinical Trials Network in the country.

The SCC has over 180 research members conducting over 100 innovative laboratory, clinical and population-based research projects at institutions across Oklahoma. This research is supported by over $28 million in annual funding from the NCI, the American Cancer Center Society and other sponsors. Diabetes researchers at the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center at HSC have received more than $100 million in competitive grant funding over the last decade for pioneering research studies and community outreach that has helped to improve the health of citizens throughout Oklahoma. 

The largest National Institute of Health award in Oklahoma history ($20.3 million) has allowed HSC to develop the Oklahoma Clinical and Translational Science Institute providing pioneering projects throughout the state for studying critically important health issues, including cancer, childhood obesity, and cardiovascular disease. The HSC has recently acquired the University Research Park with 6 buildings and over 740,000 sq. ft. total space housing 60 companies, including 37 biotech companies. The Research Park will continue to be one of Oklahoma’s major engines for economic growth and a critical resource for learning, discovery and innovation.

The University as a Change Agent

The University of Oklahoma is among top research institutions actively embracing and encouraging creativity and innovation in Oklahoma and beyond. Its scholarly endeavors improve the quality of life and health for Oklahomans, lead to startup companies and high-technology jobs, provide unique educational and clinical training experiences for students, and help us better understand and enjoy the world in which we live.